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TECHNOLOGY: The benefits of early adoption

March 23, 2016 by 

By David Ward

Because concentration is paramount for their job, court reporters don’t like disruptions — and that often extends to the equipment and other technology they use during work. Once reporters are comfortable with their writers and other gear, many are loathe not only to try to try new hardware, but often even to update some of the software that supports their equipment. This reliance on the tried and true can help a reporter stay in their comfort zone, but it also comes with a cost.

Foregoing the opportunity to be an early technology adopter means that at least some reporters may end up missing out on trends that can help them do their job better and also grow their business.

There are so many great new tools now with reporting, says Robin Nodland, RDR, CRR, a principal with LNS Court Reporting based in Portland, Ore. From where it was when I started in 1980, it almost feels like we’re cheating now thanks to software that can, for example, remember complex medical terms, so if you write it two or three times, it will start to suggest it. Though it does require both a financial investment and a willingness to learn the ins and outs of the latest hardware and technology, Nodland says being an early tech adopter has more than paid off by helping her firm generate new business.

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LNS Court Reporting Merges with Respected Firm

Teach Reporting-Moore & Henderson joins LNS Court Reporting

Portland, OR - November 1, 2014 - LNS Court Reporting has combined with recently merged Portland court reporting firm Teach-Moore & Henderson.  The newly joined firm will operate under the name of LNS Court Reporting.

"We are thrilled to join forces with not just one, but two of the most established and respected court reporting firms in our state.  We believe that combining the three of our companies will expand our legal community's access to the high-quality court reporting that is essential to effective litigation," said Robin Nodland, President of LNS Court Reporting.

Under the new title of Director of Client Development, Catherine Teach will bring 31 years of experience to the newly combined firm.  "I am so excited to have the opportunity to join our companies, our expertise, our drive for accurate reporting, and our dedication to providing outstanding service to our legal community," said Catherine Teach, founder of Teach Reporting, now Teach-Moore & Henderson.

Teach-Moore & Henderson will continue to provide its clients with the same world-class service, reliability, and dedication that it has since the company began in 1983.  Additionally, the clients of Teach Reporting-Moore & Henderson will now have access to the dependable, time-saving technical services that are offered by LNS.

In September 2014, Teach Reporting merged with Moore & Henderson, a trusted name in Oregon court reporting for over 30 years.  "Partnering with these two highly respected firms is a great opportunity," added Teach.  "By combining our companies, we will be able to provide even more services to our current clients, as well as offer Oregon and SW Washington an even broader reach of our distinguished service and expertise."

About LNS LNS Court Reporting, a full-service court reporting firm in downtown Portland, has been serving the Oregon and southwest Washington legal community for 27 years.  Robin Nodland, President and Co-Founder of LNS, has 34 years of experience as a court reporter.  Nodland has also served as President of the Oregon Court Reporters Association (OCRA).  Co-Founder Carol Studenmund has been President of sister business LNS Captioning since 1993 and has also served as President of OCRA.

Teach Reporting-Moore & Henderson has relocated to LNS Court Reporting's centrally located offices at 1123 SW Yamhill Street in downtown Portland.

For questions, contact Robin Nodland at 503-299-6200 or

LNS Court Reporting Supports CEJ

Robin Nodland, Multnomah Bar Association Multnomah Lawyer, July/August 2013

The Campaign for Equal Justice (CEJ) may be the most noble organization in the legal profession. With a mission of making equal justice a reality for all Oregonians, CEJ has its work cut out for it. And when we received a call from a dear friend asking us to sponsor a CEJ event, there was no refusing her. READ MORE.

Seven Apps to Put on Your Smartphone Now

Robin Nodland, Journal of Court Reporting, January 2013

It is not exaggerating to say that smartphones have changed our lives. They’re as ubiquitous as Post-Its, and just as indispensable. I fell in love with my new Droid when I was using the basic map app to find a drive-to deposition, set it on the passenger seat, and listened to a very polite woman give me verbal instructions for which freeway exit to take. I thought I was alone in my car; how wrong I was. That phone was so smart, somehow it knew that I should really be using the Navigator app, which is where this very polite woman lives in my Droid. READ MORE

Dear Burglar: What I learned when you stole my tech toys

Robin Nodland, National Court Reporters Association Blog, 4.17.12

Good lessons can come in the least expected ways.  My latest tech lesson involved the value of backup to the cloud.  My home  was recently burglarized . A burglar – aka, dirtbag -- broke in, while we were upstairs sleeping, taking not only my beloved iPad, my Kindle, a myriad of other items, but also our sense of security.

After calling the police, who was the next person I called?  My insurance agent?  My mother?  My best friend?  Nope.  It was Mike, my IT genius. I realized, with a V-8 slap to the forehead, that with a simple swipe on the iPad, my email was accessible. READ MORE

Getting Real with Realtime Reporting

Robin Nodland, Oregon Paralegals Association Paragram

Realtime court reporting is a process whereby a trained court reporter, using a steno machine, notebook computer, and realtime software, provides instant word-for-word speech-to-text translation for display. When the software was initially developed, the only person who could benefit from the realtime display was the court reporter; there was no ability for others to view the text.  Today, a whole host of options and uses are available. Click and scroll to page 24 to READ MORE

Press Release, January 2, 2009

At the first of the year, Lowry Court Reporting will become part of Portland OR based LNS Court Reporting. The merger will give the clients of both firms access to a broad array of talent, expertise and technology.

"Lowry and LNS have always shared a respect for absolute integrity, for top-quality work, and for stellar customer service," says Robin Nodland, co-owner of LNS. "This merger will allow us to expand our reach and continue the growth of our services." READ MORE

Robin Nodland, Oregon State Bar Bulletin, May 2007

It would be easy to assume that, because they are impartial officers of the court who simply record other people’s arguments, court reporters are free from complex ethical considerations.

It would also be a mistake.

The issues that surround court reporting ethics impact much more than the quiet stenographer sitting demurely on the sidelines. Court reporters have a far more active role in your case than might be readily apparent, controlling not only how accurately your transcript reflects what transpired but also how quickly and thoroughly you are able to prepare your evidence based on that transcript. READ MORE

Featured Testimonial

LNS provides great court reporting services.  They have been pioneers in new technology and have uncompromising standards for accuracy and professionalism.

~ Paula Barran, Barran Liebman